Monday, April 4, 2011

Simple and Delicious Chocolate Banana Coconut cream pie

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I love this recipe because it's fast and people adore it. Not only that, it's cashew free!

2c sprouted and dried almonds, skin removed before drying (a true friend may be needed for this step! peeling almonds takes much time but yields a delicious result)
(alternatively use regular blanched almonds)
1/4c maple syrup (add more for a stickier crust if desired)
1/4c coconut flakes (you can use fewer almonds and more coconut to keep costs low)
pinch salt
1 tsp cinnamon (true cinnamon! not that cassia bark bogus)
1/2 tsp vanilla bean powder

3 very ripe bananas
1/4c raw cacao powder (this is to taste, maybe you like more, maybe less)
1/2 jar of artizana raw coconut butter (I think that's about 3/4c, melted in a bain marie)
2 tbsp melted coconut oil (optional yields a solid texture; or use more coconut butter)
1/2 tsp vanilla bean powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 pinch salt

pulse the almonds into a flour, mix with the rest of the crust ingredients then press into a pie plate. blend, or food process thoroughly, the filling ingredients after melting down any coconut ingredients. pour into crust and let set in freezer.

the recipe above makes for a great base but feel free to play with it!
-sprinkle raspberries on the crust before adding the chocolate
-make a vanilla cream sauce and draw a spider web over top once the pie has set
-add ginger to the filling!
-replace the coconut stuff with half an avocado (it's good! really!)

I couldn't photograph this pie when I made it most recently due to the fact that it was quickly set upon by all those nearby and rapidly reduced to a simple pie plate but here's a stock photo that gets the idea across ;)


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maple Water: the harvest and the fast

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Aboriginals refer to this time of year as the time of the Sugar Moon; for a few weeks, ranging from late February to early April, the sap of the maple tree flows!
Last year, I posted about how to tap the trees and harvest the delicious nectar within. For 2011, I've kicked things into overdrive and have managed to collect 100L of maple water!
Equipped with a dozen buckets and spouts, my grandfathers hand drill, a hammer and a keen eye for sugar maple bark, I set out with the motto "No tree untapped"!

A great success; many friends aided me resulting in a bountiful harvest that has enabled me to accomplish my year old goal of fasting on maple water. I am now in day three of the fast, consuming purely maple water and herbal tea from The Algonquin Tea Company; specifically the awakening blend, the communion blend and the lucid dream tea in that order each day.

It's been wonderful! I definitely recommend fasting to anyone who wants to cleanse or just feel a totally new relationship to food. Here are a few shots of the project:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recipe Time: Hot Chaï Latté

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The ultimate winter blues buster, this delicious drink is motivation to head out to martial arts class on my bike in -20 weather because I know how wonderful this will be when I get back :)

Hot Chaï Latté

2c almond milk (home made ideally, I use cold steeped Chai tea instead of water)
1tbsp true cinnamon (best source is
1tsp vanilla powder or vanilla extract
1cube fresh ginger
1tsp nutmeg
1/2tsp cardamom
1/2tsp clove
pinch black pepper
pinch salt

blend all this together and set on a stove covered at medium heat then turn off heat just before boiling (ie steaming)
sweeten with maple syrup or honey to taste and blend once more to  make foam and ensure best consistency. serve immediately, garnished with vanilla powder and cinnamon :D



Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Epicerie Du Mile End, the greatest grocer on earth

Today I went shopping at L'Epicerie du Mile End as is my habit when I run out of edibles.
While I've always known they offered the BEST price on organic foods in Montreal (so much so that I bike for 30 min, all uphill to get there when I live within 5 min walking of the Atwater Market), today I was truly blown away by how affordable they make eating Organic. Not only that, it remains the top spot for organic dumpstering in Montreal. Just take a look at this tally:

10 ripe bananas, 6 apples, 1 bunch parsley, 1 bunch cilantro, 1 head of celery, 1 large cucumber, 3 lemons, 5 pomegranates, 2 mangoes, 3 avocados, 1 box sprouts, 3 bell peppers and 1 box mixed greens!
Grand total = $23!!!!
Unreal right?
Not only that, I also dumpstered 2 eggplants, 10 fresh figs (I employ the term fresh loosely here), 4 tomatoes and another box of mixed greens.


Can you imagine?


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recipe Time: Spicy Winter Soup

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Myrite, a holistic wellness coach, posted a link on Facebook today that had me cravin some soup! Her blog: The Tasty Life
Furthermore, said link featured a recipe that showcased chipotle peppers!!! How can I resist :)
Oddly enough, I was able to throw this soup together at a time when I seriously thought I NEEDED to go grocery shopping, and I mean, NEEDED. Well, I guess Grammy's capacity to make soup out of nothing has left it's mark on me ;)

Spicy Winter Soup
1 red bell pepper
1/2 cucumber (the lesser half haha)
2 stalks celery
1 tbsp Fleur d'Ail (if you don't know this, you should :P )
1 small Chipotle Pepper
1 apple
1 cube ginger
1/4c avocado oil (you could put half an actual avocado instead, I just didn't have one. This oil doesn't taste great either so go easy or just go for the real deal)
Spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, african spice rub, salt and pepper

add all to blender, add in 1/2c water tops if you have a good blender and have at 'er! You can heat this up a lil on the stove too :)

and of course the customary low quality poorly lit photo that still somehow manages to whet your appetite. I garnished with home made broccoli sprouts :D

 Spicy Winter Soup in a new bowl courtesy of Mama for X-mas



Saturday, October 30, 2010

A summer of Cycling in MTL

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Over the summer I resolved to build myself a new bike, one I'd often dreamed of riding: a vintage Italian speedster! I spent MONTHS tracking down all the perfect pieces and by September, she was up and running :) Needless to say, many wonderful days were spent exploring the many beautiful cycling paths of Montreal, especially as I just moved near the Lachine Canal.

To check out some shots of my new bike, check out the Vegabond on Flickr!

Here is a little photo essay detailing my training ride around the Formula 1 circuit, across the Ice Breaker and then looping Verdun and Lasalle to via "La Route Des Berges" and the "Lachine Canal".
It all starts on the Lachine Canal near the Atwater Market
Via the Peel bassin, I pass Habitat '67 before crossing to Ile Notre Dame
Biodome on Ile St Helene view from Bridge
Time for a few laps around the Formula One Circuit!
The casino as seen from the F1 Track
Leave the track and follow the path to the Ice Breaker. Optional "There and Back" for 10km along this colorful peaceful car free path that leads to Ste Catherine. Best way to leave the city by bike! Careful of return journey headwinds!        
The Ice Bridge (Estacade), sweet path across the water. Nasty head winds going back into town; a sign :)
Once back on the Island, I follow the south side of Lasalle all the way to the Lachine Locks about 15km. Headwinds mostly but at least you get 15km back on a sweet tail wind! Often other cyclists hang here but today it was cold and I was alone with the view, the wind and the seagulls. 

So there you have it! A ride in photos. I couldn't make a decent map of this but it's all on car free bike paths so if you want directions or wanna roll with next year just holla!

Anyone got any rides they love doing on the regular for training or pleasure??

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving got Rawked

Just wanted to share some quick recipes that we made for our Thanksgiving dinner.
More important than the food in this case was the awesome company and atmosphere created in our home :) I've always found 4 to be the optimal number for a group when the genders are evenly represented. The result was one of those magic nights where different powers conspire to render something as commonplace as a meal utterly memorable.

Open face Sammich, Spring Mix w/ Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette, Elongated Lasagna and Mashed Potatoes :)

The pizza is onion bread with pesto, sprouts, kale chip sauce (garlic and pine nuts :D:D:D ) topped with a slice of Avocado Bacon. Salad is salad. The lasagna is 4 strips of Zucchini, 2 layers of sun dried tomato sauce with a couple dates, chipotle peppers, garlic etc, pesto and then topped with  black olives and green onions. The mashed potatoes are made from Cauliflower, pine nuts, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil aaaand I think that's it! OH! and Thyme, garnished with parsley.

How was your Thanksgiving??